Accusens IHHNV Detection Kit

For Accurate and Sensitive detection

Aristogene Biosciences is a company focused on R&D and has an innovative team to ensure improved and accurate solutions for diagnosis. Our skills have been perfected and adapted to rapidly changing needs of biotechnology while continuing to deliver high levels of innovation. Aristogene proudly announces the launch of Accusens detection kits, a single tube nested PCR Kit that can differentiate infected shrimp samples into different levels of infection and uses silica based DNA extraction that ensures quick and efficient purification of DNA. The primer set is specific to the highly conserved region in the IHHNV genome. These kits have won the prestigious “BIRAC Innovator Award” from the Department of Biotechnology.


  • Isolate High Quality, Inhibitor-Free DNA using Silica column based DNA purification.
  • Can differentiate 2 different levels of infection.
  • Amplification of internal control to eliminate false negatives and failure of DNA extraction.
  • A single tube nested PCR reaction – Reduced risk of contamination.
  • Highly sensitive : Detection Limit -10 copies/reaction

Gel picture of samples analyzed using Accusens IHHNV kit