Biotech Training

Bridge the gap between the industry and institution interface, thereby introducing professionalism and career orientation in these courses.
  •  Provide students pursuing biotech-related careers with the basic laboratory skills and technical knowledge to facilitate the fulfillment of their academic goals.

Unique Features of the Workshop

  • Faculty with more than a decade of industry and teaching experience.
  • Extensive personal support throughout the program.
  • Sound practical as well as academic training.
  • No overcrowded group experiments.

Custom programs can be designed as per the requirements for larger groups.

Course Modules:

This intensive laboratory-based course will provide a "hands-on" opportunity to learn the basics in recombinant DNA technology, Immuno-techniques and protein techniques.

Advanced Training in Recombinant DNA Technology

Microbiology Techniques
Cloning and Expression of gene and Bioinformatics
Polymerase chain reaction and Hybridization Techniques
Advanced Training in Biotechnology
Aristogene Offers Academic Projects for 1-3 months in the following areas