- The anti-vibrio phage probiotic

VIBRIOSHIELD is an all-natural, non-
chemical antimicrobial preparation for
controlling the Vibriosis.

The active ingredients of VIBRIOSHIELD
are naturally occurring bacteriophages
that selectively and specifically kill

VIBRIOSHIELD is loaded with high
concentrations of potent bacteriophages
that can eliminate Vibrios from the
culture ensuring higher yield and


  1. Effectively reduces the Vibrio counts in Ponds, decreases shrimp larval mortality
  2. Reduces disease incidence and increases larval survival
  3. Safest natural solution
  4. Non-chemical anti-microbial formulation
  5. No damage to the normal beneficial bacteria
  6. Extremely safe and specific
  7. Active against antibiotic resistant bacteria
  8. Easy field application


Field trials have show that Effect of Vibrioshield on shrimp larvae VIBRIOSHIELD increases
the survivability of larvae and reduces the Vibrio count markedly.

• Controlled challenge studies demonstrated complete protection against Vibrio challenge
in VIBRIOSHIELD treated post larvae as against 100% mortality in untreated group. Challenge
was done using Vibrio harveyi at a dose of 107 cfu/ml of water.

• Field trials in commercial hatcheries have demonstrated that there are no adverse effects
of the formulation on larvae and post larvae.

DOSAGE - 50g per 10 tonnes of water to be added on alternate days to the larval rearing tank

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